Desktop fiber laser marking machine is a professional machine for both metal and non-metal marking. It best suits small-sized, easy-to-move workpiece marking with logo, icon, QR code, bar code, regular and irregular flow number, etc. With the advanced third generation solid fiber laser generator, high-quality galvanometer, field lens, and industrial PC and software, it features stable output power, fast marking speed, fine marking effect, high efficiency, and maintenance-free.

Integrated design: compact structure, small floor area;

Wide application: handle both metal and non-metal materials;

Standout performance: consistent marking quality with high speed(up to 7000mm/s); 2-3 times higher than traditional marking;

Long Lifetime: advanced laser generator, more than 100,000h;

Low consumption: Electro-optic conversion rate up to 30%, power consumption lowered by 3-10 times compared with YAG laser; environment-friendly and energy-saving;

Easy operation: software pre-installed and machine parameters pre-set, plug and mark.

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Dihorse Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20W MAX 110*110MM 50MM rotary axis $5070

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