Q: Is the DIHORSE Laser machine easy to learn and use?

A: DIHORSE Lasers offers something that no other company in the industry offers onsite training. When your machine arrives our team comes to you if you ask to, helps you set up the machine to make sure it's running and alligned properly and then we train you with your piece of equipment at your sight. We go through all the software, train you on the basics and walk you through a couple of projects to make sure you understand how your machine works. (at additional cost)

Q: How does the DIHORSE Laser machine work?

A: The DIHORSE Laser Machine applies marks or designs to an object through the use of a powerful laser.The laser is a light that produces a specific “stimulated” emission, producing an invisible beam that, when powerful enough, can chip away or even vaporize the surface of certain materials.

Q: What software comes with the machine?

A: EzCAD for fiber laser marking machine and Rdworks for Co2 lasers. Corel Draw and AutoCAD are compatible with the machines as the editing softwares.

Q: What kinds of graphics can DIHORSE Laser machines cut/engrave?

A: Scanned photos, clipart, bitmaps, text, logos can all be engraved. You will need vector based graphics to cut, and raster files are traditional for engraving.

Q: What materials can be cut or engraved?

A: The DIHORSE Laser Machine is capable of engraving and/or cutting a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to: wood, acrylic, granite (Engrave only), marble (Engrave only), plastic, foam, rubber, bricks/stones, glass and crystal (Engrave only), metal, fabric and more.

Q: What are the consumables?

A: As with Co2 laser machines, the tubes, mirrors, and lenses have to be replaced with use. Our machines are covered by a 1 year parts warranty and the laser tube for 6 months.

As for the fiber lasers, we offer 2 years full warranty.

Q: Is there any machine maintenance?

A: Routine maintenance will keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Keep the rails clean and free of debris by wiping them down on a weekly basis and using a 3-in-1 oil. Regularly cleaning the lens and mirrors will keep them from getting damaged. Over time, the laser tube will need to be replaced. Normal life of the laser tube is 8,000-10,000 hours (costs only 12 cents an hour to run). We offer 6 months warranty on the laser tube, lens and mirrors.

Your fiber lasers require very little maintenance, as they are air cooled and contain very few mechanical or moving parts. Several removable dust filters require cleaning on a routine basis. (DO NOT BLOCK THIS PORT DURING LASER OPERATION).

Q: How long does the laser tube last?

A: Each laser tube comes with a 6 month normal operation warranty. The normal life span of a tube is 4,000-10,000 hours but running your laser at peak power for long periods of time will significantly reduce the life of the tube. You need to take special care to make sure there is always water in your chiller. Running the laser with out liquid in the tube will crack it, voiding the warranty. If you operate your machine where there is a chance that freezing temperatures will occur, we urge you to use a mix of water and antifreeze. If the liquid in the tube freezes your tube will crack, voiding the warranty.

The lifetime of fiber laser source is 100,000+ hours, plus our 2-years-full-warranty, better after-sales service over other technologies

Q: What if I have an issue with my machine?

A: When you purchase your machine from DIHORSE, you get 2 years of phone and remote support. We are here to answer any questions you have and help in any way we can. While most issues we can trouble shoot via phone or remote support we have options to come onsite to work with you and your machine if needed.

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